1. Lisez la Fleur (Read the Flower) ~ Part One: The Beautiful Beginning by Alexandra Lanc finished 1/24
2. The Crazy Old Lady in the Attic by Kathleen Valentine finished 2/27

From A Study in Sherlock: Stories inspired by the Holmes canon
3. You'd Better Go in Disguise by Alan Bradley finished 3/09
4. As to "An Exact Knowledge of London" by Tony Broadbent finished 3/10 
5. The Men With The Twisted Lips by S.J. Rozan finished 3/11
6. The Adventure of the Purloined Paget by Phillip Margolin and Jerry Margolin finished 3/12
7. The Bone-Headed League by Lee Child finished 3/13
8. The Startling Events in the Electrified City by Thomas Perry finished 3/14
9. The Case of Death and Honey by Neil Gaiman finished 3/15/2013
10.A Triumph of Logic by Gayle Lynds and John Sheldonfinished 3/17
11.The Last of Sheila Locke-Holmes by Laura Lippman finished 3/18
12.The Adventure of the Concert Pianist by Margaret Maron finished 3/25
13.The Shadow Not Cast by Lionel Chetwynd finished 3/27
14.The Eyar Interpreter by Dana Stubenow finished 3/28
15.The Case That Holmes Lost by Charles Todd finished 3/28
16.The Imitator by Jan Burke finished 3/29
17.A Spot of Detection by Jacqueline Winspear finished 3/30

18.The Crazy Old Lady's Revenge by Kathleen Valentine finished 4/02
19. If Snow Hadn't Fallen by S.J. Bolton finished 4/24
20. Cold Cold Heart by Karin Slaughter finished 4/28

From Women of Mystery - Book 1
21.Stowaway by Mary Higgins Clark finished 5/16
22.Constitution Street by Janet Stockey finished 5/19
23.A Pair of Yellow Lilies by Ruth Rendell finished 5/20
24.Discards by Faye Kellerman finihsed 5/22
25.The Girl Who Wanted to See Venice by Antonia Fraser finished 5/23
26.Chain of Terror by Patricia McGerr finished 5/25
27. Tania's No Where by Amanda Cross finished 6/3
28. Old Friends by Dorothy Salsbury Davis finished 6/10
29.A Case for Clara Cates by Carolyn Jensen Watts finished 8/5/
30.Guilt Feelings by Celia Fremlin finished 9/10
31.A Little More Research by Joan Hess finished 9/11
32.The Upstairs Flat by Elizabeth A. Dalton, finished 9/12
33.The Takamoku Joseki by Sara Paretsky, finished 9/14
34.Digby's First Case by Anne Perry finished 9/16
35.Night Vision by B. K. Stevens finished 9/17

The Doll: The Lost Short Stories by Daphne du Maurier
35. East Wind, finished 10/7
36. The Doll finished 10/9
37. And Now to God the Father finished 10/13
38. A Difference in Temperament finished 10/13
39. Frustration finished 10/13
40. Picadilly finished 10/15
41. Tame Cat finished 10/15
42. Mazie finished 10/17
43. Nothing Hurts for long finished 10/17 
44. Week-End finished 10/17
45. The Happy Valley finished 10/18
46. And his Letters Grew Colder finished 10/18
47. The Limpet finished 10/18


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