11 November 2010

On Folly Beach by Karen White

I had never read a book by Karen White before, but if they are all like this one, I will be reading more. One of the things that I really like about my on-line book clubs is that I end up meeting people who can introduce me to wonderful new authors. 

Folly Beach, South Carolina is a small island whose main population is summer tourists. In the 1940s, though, in the thick of WWII, it was a place for many soldiers to gather. This book tells two stories of Folly Beach, one current and one from the 1940s. 

Cat, Maggie, and Lulu are permanent residents of Folly Beach in 1941. Cat is the beautiful one, Maggie the practical one, and Lulu is the one who does not miss a thing. As WWII progresses, it has a large impact on their lives and their relationships with each other. 

Sixty-six years later, in 2009 Emmy moves to Folly Beach to get a change of scene after her young husband is killed in Afghanistan. A lover of books, she purchases the book store that used to belong to Maggie in the 1940s, and discovers a Folly Beach mystery that has been hidden for years. 

This book contains the blending of the two stories, the story of Cat, Maggie, and Lulu, and the story of Emmy and her new beginning. Karen White did a wonderful job of blending the two stories. In addition, both stories are wonderful in themselves, not only filled with wonderful characters, but with hope, longing, and love. I especially liked that the stories had wonderful, true to life ending. This book was definitely a hit.