25 March 2011


One of my book groups voted to read this book for a group read. I have to admit, the synopsis of the book intrigued me. A modern day re-telling of Romeo and Juliet, which is one of my favorite stories of all time. Couple that with a Dan Brown Da Vinci Code type mystery (I have read everything Dan Brown has written and loved them all) and I was sure it would be a good book. In fact, the book was different than I expected. Yes, there was a mystery, but not on the level of a Dan Brown book. What there was instead was a double re-telling of the story of Romeo and Juliet, one in modern day Siena, and one in 14th century Sienna. I found both stories fascinating, and actually had a hard time deciding which story line I liked the most. I might have liked the ancient story line a little better, but mostly only because I am a historical fiction buff and love reading about medieval times. 

The Characters that Anne Fortier included in her book were interesting. I felt that the medieval characters were a bit more intriguing, but again, that could be my love of history and medieval times talking. The current story was enjoyable, too, but a little more predictable. At one time, I felt that the modern story line lagged, but it was not for long. 

All in all a great read that I would highly recommend. I hope that Ms. Fortier continues to write stories of this ilk.

24 March 2011


he idea for this book really drew me in. Two sisters who grew up in a polygamist sect in Utah are finally of marriageable age. They are about to be married to elders in their community. Sara, the youngest, is a rebel in the eyes of her community. She loves to read and learn, far above what is expected of a girl in this society. Rachel is the beautiful one, the one that everyone wants, the sweet one, and also the one that doesn't question the teachings she has been fed for her entire life. Until now. What happens to make Rachel begin to doubt her faith and for Rachel and Sara to eventually leave the only home they have ever known is what this story is based on. 

I must say, I began reading this book with a lot of anticipation. The fact that there are still societies in the world who subjugate women justs amazes me. The fact that some of them operate in the United States astounds me. I was very interested to see how the author approached this subject and represented the lives of the women involved. While I feel that she did an okay job and enjoyed the book overall, I was disappointed in the outcome. It seems to me that a story involving this particular subject could really pack an emotional punch. Instead what I found here seemed to just graze the surface and the rich subject matter that could have been highlighted ignored. This was most apparent in the last part of the book and the ending, where every loose end was tied up in a happily ever after ending that that I felt missed so many opportunities. 

The story that was told was a good one and the characters were engaging, so I feel that I can recommend this book. Just don't be looking for a hard hitting emotionally packed story that deals with the subject of life in a polygamist sect in America.