05 November 2010

The Incredible Machine by Sugarland

OK - so, Sugarland is just about my favorite group right now, so I have been anxiously awaiting the debut of their new album, THE INCREDIBLE MACHINE.  Well, it is out, I have listened, and I am majorly disappointed.    I know that groups need to grow artistically,  and that no one's sound stays the same, but this album contains some drastic changes.  Gone are the beautiful melodies, catchy lyrics, etc. that were on their first and third albums.  In fact, out of 11 songs, there are only two songs, maybe three, that I even like off of this album.  Most of the songs on the album have no lyrics.  There is just one or two lines repeated over and over, or you have Jennifer Nettles just singing nonsensical syllables.  Add that to the addition of more voice time for Kristian Bush, and what you get is flat, monotone, boring, and just plain bad.  If it wasn't for "Find the Beat Again" which is actually quite good, "Every Girl Like Me", and "Stuck Like Glue" which is cute in a Bob Marley kind of way, there would be nothing on this album worth keeping.  I wanted to like "Tonight", but Jennifer Nettle sounds like she is singing with her jaw wired shut, and here again, the lyrics are so repetitive they are almost non-existent.  The Jury is still out on "Little Miss" since it has a bit too much of Kristian's voice and again, repetitive lyrics.  As for the rest --  I will just pass on them.

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