12 January 2011


This is the second book that I have read by Sarah Addison Allen, the first one being The Girl Who Chased the Moon.  As in that book, this one takes place in a small town in Georgia and at it's heart is an unusual family that has a lot to do with the history of the town and it's folklore. But where the the first one was more YA to me, this one is definitely a chick lit read.  And as such, it is a good read.  I sometimes have trouble with Chick Lit because their is either too much romance and sex, or too much fluff, but usually not enough story.  This book was not like that.  Yes, there were romantic attachments, yes there was sex, and yes it was an easy read, but there was also a good story about what it means to be family.

As I gather that most of her books do, the main characters in this book have a "magical" quirk.  In this case, the main character, Claire, has inherited the Waverly family garden.  The garden is special because food made from the plants grown in the garden can alter people's behavior and mood.  And an apple from the tree will tell you what your most important moment in life will be.  But Claire isn't the only Waverly that has "special" talents.  In fact, my favorite character was her Aunt Evanelle, who "just knew she had to give [people] things.  She would show up at all times of the day or night with some totally random item for people.  In addition, she had a very sassy personality.  For example, she loved to walk the track at the local college and watch the "bums" of the college guys who were running on the track.  My Second favorite character was actually the apple tree mentioned above, which turned out to have a personality all its own.  One wonders how things would be if they let the apple tree decide.

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