11 February 2011


Are you like me?  A person who enjoyed [author:John Grisham|721]'s earlier books, but thought the last few were somehow lacking?  If so, this is the book for you.  With this book, Mr. Grisham is definitely back to the form that we all grew to love with books like [book:The Firm|5358], [book:The Pelican Brief|32499], and [book:The King of Torts|5356].  The story here involves a wonderful slate of characters as only Grisham can come up with.  A Lutheran minister who finds himself suddenly involved in the fight to stop an execution in Texas, a man who says he is the actual killer, the lawyer for the accused, the family of the accused, and the mother of the murdered girl.  Every character is brilliantly portrayed.  The way that they interact captures your attention from the beginning of the story all the way to the end.  Once Grisham sets up the story, it quickly becomes apparent that the story could go several ways.  At this point it becomes more and more difficult to put the book down as you feverishly turn pages in an attempt to see in which direction he will take the story.  By the last section, it is impossible to put the book down.  The result is a thrill ride of a book that will leave you breathless at the end.  I guarantee that, no matter what your beliefs are, this book will make you think long and hard about how you feel about the death penalty.

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