08 November 2011


I recently finished this aptly named debut novel by new author Katharine Britton. The main premise of the book is a story of sibling rivalry between two sisters. The younger one, Lilli, has always felt that she was living int he shadow of her eldest sister, Bea, who she viewed as perfect, a goal she herself could never attain. As in many books of this type, though, Bea is not as perfect as she seems, and she certainly doesn't see herself this way. As the story unfolds, you find a wonderful story about families and the complex relationships between sisters. What sets this story apart from the usual "sister" stories are the wonderfully complex characters that Britton brings to life and the wonderful surprises that she encompasses in her story line. From the beginning I wondered exactly what the deal was betweeen Lilli and Bea, and how the other sisters fit in. I loved the way that the author let these relationships unfold, and let you get to know the characters, from the sisters to the quirky mother, to Russell, the boy next door. From the beginning of the story I was entertained, engrossed, and in the end, surprised with the story that Britton has crafted in this book.

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