03 February 2012


When I bought this book, I was expecting a very victorianesque book with alot of discussion on the meanings of flowers, and maybe even a little of the magical elements that are found in so many of today's books. That was not what this book was at all. What I found was a great modern day story about one girl's journey to be loved, and to believe herself loveable, and therefore able to love others. Although it was not quite what I thought it was going to be, I thoroughly enjoyed what it was. I thought the story of Victoria was compelling and interesting. I think I felt sorry for Victoria, even though I wanted to slap her some of the time. Elizabeth and Grant were easy to love, although at one point I thought that Grant was almost too good to be believed. And I thought that Renata and her family were a kick. What great characters the author peppered this book with.

I thought the story line was great also. It was poignant without being sappy and I liked the way that the author let you guess as to what the big deal between Victoria and Elizabeth was. Although I guessed what caused their break up before it was revealed, there were elements of the situation that the author was able to surprise me with.

Last comment is I have to give Kudos to the author on the ending. It was hopeful while still staying true to the characters and the tone of the story.  A  HEA ending would definitely not have fit this book. 

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