08 March 2013

Announcing Rabble Reads.

Amy Edelman of Indie Reader is reaching out to people to support Rabble Reads, which could easily become the Metacritic for books.

BUT it needs funding.

BUT you can fund it for as little as $1.

OR if you can't fund it, can you share it on your blog, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+?

Amy has given years of time energy and money to supporting indies. She works tirelessly on this, despite her own writing career. A site that goes hand in hand with Goodreads to amalgamate site and blog reviews will be great for all of us.


Rabble: a website that will aggregate trusted, verified reviews into consensus, like Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes do for movies. Rabble’s team, made up of zealous and intrepid book-lovers (and many of the same people who brought you IndieReader), will scour the publishing landscape, pull a sentence or two from each review (pre-vetted to insure its credibility, with a link to the complete review source) and come up with a consensus for a final Rabble score.

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Easy re-pin of the Rabble video. Want some help promoting your Rabble blog post? Tweet the link to @_mrs_b. Listen to Amy on BlogTalkRadio with The Indie Exchange discussing Rabble!


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