26 January 2011


I did not know how popular this book was when I read it, but I can see why it is. In my opinion, this is the definitive book on the choices we all have to make in life, or death as the case may be. The story of Mia, a teenage girl whose family is in a horrible car accident in rural Oregon, is very compelling. It is both a beautiful and heart wrenching story at the same time. The characters are compelling written. It was very easy for me to become enmeshed in the story of their lives. The thoughts and decisions that Mia had to make were thoughtfully covered and I found her dilemma a fresh approach to the question of what happens to someone while they are trying to decide whether to stay or go. 

This is a much shorter review than is usual for me, but the above says it all. 
A 4.5 star read!  I am looking forward to reading the sequel "Where She Went."

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  1. I've heard great things about this book, but until I get a good review from one of my friends I tend not to believe the "great things"

    Thanks for sharing this Lyn, I think this one is on my TBR list and now I'll have to get my hands on it :)