13 April 2011


I  have to say, I really couldn't decide at first what to give this book, but ending up deciding on 4 stars. This was a really interesting book, only 128 pages, and every one of them both appalled me and enthralled me at the same time. It is about a psychoanalyst who has a lot of erotic encounters, and frankly, needs a psychoanalyst himself. As I read through this book, I wasn't sure what to expect, but was pretty sure that I was watching someone's life turn into a train wreck. And the ending really stunned me. 

I am giving it four stars mostly because as disgusted as I was by the main character, I couldn't stop reading the book. It was like a really bad reality show. You know, the kind that you know you shouldn't be giving legitimacy to by watching, but you just can't stop yourself. Since I am pretty easily turned off by graphic sex, the fact that I even finished this book surprised me, and I figure if a writer can get me to finish a book like this, he must be a good writer. 

All in all a very weird, weird, little book. Did I enjoy it.....I wouldn't say that, but I will say I couldn't put it down. 

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