26 April 2011


Although fantasy is not my usual genre of choice, I enjoyed this book a lot. For one thing, unlike most fantasy books, this book contained no magic or magical and mythical beings.  Just a lot of humans who had to rely on solely on their wits and intelligence to survive.  Other than the lack of magic, though, it followed the classical fantasy set up.  For one thing, the story takes place in an alternate world where swords and knives are the weapons of choice, and horses, carts and ships are the methods of transportation.  In addition, the plot centers around a girl, who is the first female to be allowed into the secret assassins academy.  She must compete against a number of males, some of which have been raised with the whole purpose of becoming assassins.  How she uses her intelligence and her totally human skills to survive is a great story.

In addition, this book is the first of a trilogy.  I am looking forward to the next installment to see how the story progresses and the characters develop.

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