14 July 2011


I really enjoy these books for several reasons. I like Sookie, the ultimate "social outcast" and the world that she has found a way to fit into. Ms. Harris does a wonderful job of developing the secondary characters, and she always has some new ones to spring on the reader in each book. In addition, she is really good at divulging a little more about the supernatural world with each book. To me, if you want to keep your readers engaged, that is essential for a long series. My standard for this type of series is The Dresden File series byJim Butcher, and this one hold up to that one pretty well. 

In the seventh book of the series, we find Sookie up to her eyeballs in the land of the Supes again as she is off to Illinois to participate in a conference of the top vampires in the country. While there she gets to meet up with Barry Bellhop, the only other telepath she has met, again as well as spending time with her new main squeeze, who happens to be a weretiger. In addition, all the other players that we have grown to love are once again present. As usual, nothing that involves Sookie goes smoothly, and what is supposed to be an easy job to allow her an economic "cushion" turn bad and Sookie is faced with trying to set things right. And the end of this one definitely leaves you wondering and wanting more. 

Although these books are somewhat formulaic, the situations are varied enough, and the characters endearing enough, that one keeps reading to see what happens to everyone next. Reading the next book in the series is much like catching up with some old friends that you haven't seen for a while.

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