14 July 2011


I read the first book by this debut author just last month, and really enjoyed it. Therefore, when I got the chance to read this one I jumped at it. I was anticipating another good mystery along the lines of the first book in the series. What I got, however, was an even better book than Midnight Caller. In the time that has passed between the writing of her first book and this one, the author has certainly honed her craft. This second book of the series had a more exciting story line with a myriad of possibilities for the antagonist, leaving the plot twists harder to figure out. Once the antagonist was finally revealed, I found myself cheering that I had guessed correctly, a sure sign that I was involved in the story.  

In addition, the characters seemed to have more personality making it even easier to get invested in their stories. The heroine, Caitlyn, had the perfect mixture of softness and backbone and her hero, Reid was the perfect strong but vulnerable leading man.  There were also a number of well developed secondary characters who played interesting roles throughout the book.  All in all, I had a really hard time putting this book down once I started to read it. I wanted the world to go away and just keep reading.  I think I may even have snapped at a few of my family members when they interrupted my reading time. 

If I really enjoyed the author's first book, I LOVED this one. I can't wait for the next installment from this author and hope that she writes many more books similar to her first two, and this one in particular.

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