13 December 2011


Although not my usual fare, this book grabbed me from page one and kept me going. Amy Lichtenhantells a poignant story that tugs at your heart strings. I was immediately engrossed in the lives of the main characters and their story of love and loss. Some might say that the story was too formulaic and the ending was predictable, and to some degree it was both of those things, but there was something about the story and the characters that made it easy to overlook what might otherwise be seen as shortcomings. I literally fell in love with Melanie and Daniel and actually think that they deserved the ending they were given. All throughout the book I found myself rooting for them. I think one of my friends who read it said that she thought it was aptly named as she felt "pulled" to read it. I heartily agree as there were times when I could not put it down. In fact, I finished it in two days. In one sitting I actually read 200 pages straight, it was that hard to put down. I will definitely be reading more by this author, for even though this is not my usual fare, I feel that Amy's contribution to this genre is a cut above the normal. 

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