13 July 2015

The Week Ahead

CONTINUATION: Dracula by Bram Stoker

I have to say, I am finding Dracula fascinating, and am so glad that I am reading it.  The version that I am reading is the Barnes & Noble Classics edition that came loaded on my nook. I love the Classics editions because they come with all of the historical footnotes and such, which I find fascinating.  I fell in love with these versions a few years ago when I read the Penguin Classics edition of The Count of Monte Cristo.  These versions also lend themselves well to e-Readers since you can touch the footnote reference, read it, and then jump right back to the page you were reading.  No flipping to find the footnotes, no muss, no fuss.

NEW START: I've Got You Under My Skin  by Mary Higgins Clark. 

I am reading this one for a team challenge for one of my book clubs.  Every month the person who runs the challenge pics 5 old TV shows and then assigns 3 - 6 tasks per show.  We participate in a team of three readers and divide the tasks up between us.  It is a fun game, but time consuming, however, I am what I call "challenge challenged" and rarely pass up a challenge.  I know I have never found one that I did not enjoy.  Back to the book, though.  The task here is to read a book by an author who has a relative who is also an author, which certainly fits MHC as her daughter, Carol Higgins Clark also writes mystery stories.  I think I read my first MHC book in high school, it was her fist,also titled Where Are The Children.   I have been hooked on her books ever since and am delighting in this one which introduces a new series by her.

BUDDY READS: The Day The Falls Stood Still by Cathie Marie Buchanan

This will be my first book by this author as as I love historical fiction of any kind, I expect I will enjoy it a lot.

REVIEW BOOKS: Isabella:Brave Heart of France by Colin Falconer

The Isabella here is the wife of Edward the II, and the only woman to ever invade England and win, or so the book promises.  Although Historical Fiction about royalty is perhaps my favorite over all, I am not familiar with this particular queen, and so I hope to learn a few things.  The review for this book with be the debut review for my new blog...Reading on Royalty, which is under development.  I will post a link the the review on this site when I have it ready.

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