22 May 2012

A book that will make you both laugh and cry, but ultimately leave you smiling.

Spare Change is the first book I have read by Bette Lee Crosby, but I can definitely say it won't be the last. Her book is filled with wonderful characters from the main characters of Olivia Westerly-Doyle and Ethan Allen Doyle, all the way down to the seemingly most insignificant ones. As I journyed along the stories of Olivia and Ethan Allen, I realized that none of the characters in the book are insignificant. Everyone has a role to play in the story, just as everyone has a role to play in life and the absence of any one of them would change the outcome. In addition to the way that Bette was able to weave the lives of all of the characters into a compelling story, I also loved the fact that each character was given a distinct personality allowing me to enjoy their quirks and foibles while still feeling compassion for them. But more than just a cast of characters, what Bette has crafted in this book is a compelling story about the myriad of ways that our lives intersect and how that affects not only who we are, but who we think we are. She does this while allowing us to laugh, cry, and cheer along the way, and leaving us with a feeling of contentment and joy at the end. And be sure to pay attention to the passage that explains the concept of "spare change" that eloquently sums up the underlying theme of the story to a tee. It is priceless, and I only wish that I had copied it down before I sent the book on so that I could quote it. In the end, I was left feeling that the unpredictability of life is not a curse, but rather a gift that should be embraced to the fullest. 

Kudos to Bette! I highly recommend this book and am already anticipating the next two Bette Lee Crosby books that I have on my list.

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