22 May 2012

I'm branching out!

Welcome to my new and updated blog.  I have decided to branch out from just posting reviews to discussing (otherwise known as ranting and raving) anything to do with books, reading, and the publishing world.  As I have been reading more and more blogs, I have begun feeling compelled to do more that just give my opinions on specific books.  Those of you who know me are probably surprised that it took me this long to come to the conclusion that I had more that I wanted to say.  And for those of you who read and like the book reviews never fear, they will still be here, along with musings on what people like in books, trends in reading, how I pick what I read, what is currently bugging me about authors, other readers, the publishing industry, AND what I like about the same.  So please come along with me on my journey.  I hope we can all learn, laugh, and talk together about books.  And be sure to read the post below for Spare Change by Bette Lee Crosby.  She is a wonderful writer and the book tells a great story.

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