24 April 2013

Celebrating the short story: If Snow Hadn't Fallen, a Lacey Flint short story by S. J. Bolton

In my continuing quest to celebrate the short story this year, I have come across yet another story by an established author that is noteworthy.

As soon as I finished Now You See Me, the first Lacey Flint book by S.J. Bolton, I knew I was hooked. I immediately went and purchased If Snow Hadn't Fallen, the short story that occurs between books 1 and 2. Although only about 92 pages long, this entry into the Lacey Flint series is perfect for those who are waiting for something to keep them riveted between books 1 and 2. in my case, that was because I had to wait for book 2 to come in at the library. Lacey Flint is one of the most fascinating characters that I have come across in quite a while. I love multi-layered characters, and with Lacey, things are never quite what they seem. My other favorite characters from the first book only play small roles in this story, but they are all there, which allowed me to get my fix while waiting to read book two. The plot in this story is typical Bolton, too, with crisp writing, wonderful details, and enough twists to keep me satisfied. Plus the book had one of the best ending lines that I have read in quite a while.  I give this story 5 stars. It was just what I needed to keep me invested in Lacey and the gang. This is my new favorite thriller series and I am anticipating book two (should be in soon) and looking forward to much more.

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