18 January 2013

Friday: The Week in Review

How did your reading week go? Mine has been up and down. I am currently in the middle of reading two or three books that I am really enjoying. Unfortunately, I have spent most of the week at my parents' house. The bathroom floor in their guest bathroom needed work since the toilet was falling through the floor. At any rate, being away from home has seriously cut into my reading time.
So that is the down. The up is the books that I am currently working on. I have three books going currently and I am really enjoying them all. So much so that I am having a hard time deciding which book to read when I do get a chance to read. The main book that I am reading is Stephen King's 11/22/63. I am a King newbie, but I am really enjoying this book. I read The Stand a couple of years ago and I am finding this one is just as good as it was. The next book I am working on is a mystery. It is the second in a series of mysteries in which the main protagonist is a PI who grew up in a Bhuddist monastery in India. It is called The Second Rule of Ten, and it is one of those books that is just a pleasure to read. The last book that I am working on is a suspense/thriller called Cover of Snow. It is the debut effort from author Jenny Milchman. Too many books, too little time.
Other than that, I have been trying to keep up with my Goodreads groups, modding duties, reviews, and challenges. Hope your reading week has gone great and that you have a wonderful weekend. Not sure what Saturday holds for me, but I plan to spend most of Sunday watching the football playoffs. See you on Monday. :)

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